An Explanation of the Design Process.


Step One

Listen and Learn. Because every person and every project is unique, we always begin at the beginning. If you’re local, we’ll meet for coffee and chat. If you’re traveling distance away, we’ll talk on the phone or via video conference. Either way, I’ll ask you to tell me about yourself, and where you’re at with your business journey. What do you MOST wish for in designing your business? What are you best at? What’s the thing you need the most help with? What are your biggest fears, if any, about hiring a designer? We can navigate these kinds of conversations together, both informally and formally. The best part? We’re both looking for a great fit. This starting step is how we learn if we make a good team.


Step Two

Set the Tone. If you’re not sure what your ‘style’ really is, a mood board will help figure it out. Mood boards allow us to get to know that our design direction is mutually agreed upon. We’ll discuss things like colors, fonts, imagery, and copy styles. A lot of the time, I’ll provide options so that you have a chance to compare visual strategies. This pre-design stage is very helpful to set concrete parameters for your design project, especially if it’s a large one.


Step Three

The Design Phase. Here’s where the fun part happens. Now, I’ll design a project for you that brings together your overall vision and my professional insight to create something uniquely ‘you.’ Because flexibility is important, I’ll show you how you can use your design in a variety of ways. After feedback and a round of refinement, your project is ready for its debut to the world.

Step Four

Finalize and Share. After finalizing your design, I’ll help you print or digitally produce your project in whatever form you need, as well as share advice and additional resources along the way if you need it. Once you’re ready to venture out on your own, I’ll make sure to provide you with the assets you’ll need to keep making things look cohesive in the future. And if you need me more regularly to help execute your vision, I’m always just a phone call away.